Solidarity Message for Gaza from Asia and Latin America

On 17th November, BDS Colombia published this statement condemning the attack on Gaza in November first week and calling for military embargo on Israel. 


Asia and Latin America condemn November attacks on Gaza

The catastrophe continues.

After 70 years of the Nakba (ethnic cleansing), the Palestinian people continue to suffer systematic violations of their rights by the State of Israel.

The Latin American, African and Asian movements of solidarity with the Palestinian people repudiate the new massacre by Israel that killed in the last week more than 12 Palestinians and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip-Occupied Palestine-, wounding dozens of people by the constant bombardments to which the Palestinian population is subjected.

Governments and peoples of the world must demand justice against those guilty of these crimes against humanity. The international community can not remain silent in the face of the genocide of the Palestinian people. We demand that Israel submit to international law and comply with UN resolutions. Also, that our governments break diplomatic and commercial ties with the segregationist regime of Israeli apartheid.

We join the efforts for a military embargo against the State of Israel, in solidarity with the Palestinian people and in defense of our own rights and struggles. If states and companies globalize racism and militarization, we internationalize our resistance!
Enough of apartheid, colonization and occupation. Enough of genocide against the Palestinian people. For the freedom of political prisoners and the right of return of refugees

Assembly of Peoples in Defense of the Territory, Public Education, Secular, Free and Human Rights;
Abg. Franklin Columba Cuji National Leader and Political Affairs Coordinator of FENOCIN (Ecuador)
Paruano Palestine Action (Peru)
Adolfo Pérez Esquivel Nobel Peace Prize (Argentina)
Teachers’ Association Ax and Chalk – Suteba – Lomas de Zamora (Argentina)
Envar El Kadri Grouping – Base Peronism National Table (Argentina)
Gaucho Rivero Lomas de Zamora
Group (Argentina) Isauro Arancibia Lomas de Zamora
Group (Argentina) La Jauretche UNLZ
Group (Argentina) Father Múgica Group Lomas de Zamora (Argentina)
Alfredo Grande – Psychoanalyst (Argentina)
Alliance for a better Darién – AMEDAR (Panama)
Alicia Castro – Former Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Argentina)
Alicia Lira – President of the Association of Relatives of Political Executives (Chile)
All India Democratic Women’s Association, Delhi (India)
All India Kisan Sabha (India)
All India Progressive Women’s Association (India)
Alternative Law Forum
Alluvión Ciudadano (Argentina)
Ana Ester Ceceña – Institute of Economic Research of the National Autonomous University (Mexico)
Ana Laura Padgett Rojas Organic Integration Network – RIO – for the Defense of Mother Earth and Human Rights (Guatemala)
Anahit Aharonian Kharputlian Agronomist and Teacher Multisectoral Commission of Uruguay (Uruguay)
Anibal Ibarra – President – Progressive and Popular Front (Argentina)
APDH (Permanent Assembly for Human Rights) (Argentina)
Argentines Standing by Palestinian (Argentina)
Ariel Basteiro (Socialism for Victory (Argentina)
Architect José Márquez Pérez President of the Patronato Pro Defense and Conservation of the Cultural and Natural Heritage of Oaxaca PRO – OAX (Mexico)
Assembly “Argentina Better without FTA” (Argentina)
Permanent Assembly of the Peoples of Morelos
Association of Capital Taxis (Argentina)
Association Mothers of Plaza de Mayo (Argentina)
BADAYL / Alternatives
Barrios x Memory and Justice of Lomas de Zamora (Argentina)
Barrios x Memoria y Justicia-Lomas (Argentina)
Barzón Federation: State of Mexico, Querétaro, Morelos, Veracruz, Guerrero and Federal District (Mexico)
BDS Argentina (Argentina)
BDS Brazil (Brazil)
BDS Malaysia (Malaysia)
BDS Peru (Peru)
Block of Councilors FPV-PJ Vicente López (Argentina)
Camilo Alvarez – Popular Space Vicente López (Argentina)
Camilo González Posso President of INDEPAZ (Colombia)
Carlos Aznárez (Latin American Summary) (Argentina)
Carlos Fazio International Analyst, Dr Gilberto López y Rivas Researcher of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (Mexico)
Carlos Raimundi – President – Solidarity + Equality Party (Argentina)
Central de Trabajadores de la Argentina Autonoma (CTA-A) (Argentina)
Abel Diez-Peronismo de Base Cultural Center-CABA (Argentina)
Human Rights Center for Women and the Indigenous Minor (CADHMMI)
Center for Marxist Studies and Training Hector P. Agosti (Argentina)
Kurdistan Training and Documentation
Center (Argentina) Indigenous Regional Human Rights Center “Ñuu-Savi” (CERIDH).
Argentine Club of Journalists Friends of Cuba (Argentina)
Coalition of Retirees and Pensioners “Elpidio Domínguez Castro”
National Coalition of Cooperatives and Social Enterprises (CONACyES);
Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace, (India)
Collective of Education x the Memory the Truth and Justice of Esteban Echeverría (Argentina)
Collective of Studies “Ricardo Flores Magón”
Pedagogical Collective “Francisco Javier Acuña Hernández”
Colectivo Quilmes Memory Truth and Justice (former Well of Quilmes) (Argentina)
Commission of Support to the Palestinian People (Uruguay)
Commission of Tribute to the Disappeared and Popular Martyrs (Argentina)
Commission of Solidarity with Palestine of Avellaneda (Argentina)
Commission of Solidarity with Palestine of Lomas de Zamora (Argentina)
Multisector Commission (Uruguay)
Carioca Committee of Solidarity to Cuba (Brazil)
Friendship Committee with the Saharawi People (Argentina)
Citizen Defense Committee (CODECI)
Committee of Solidarity with Palestine- La Plata (Argentina)
Democratic State Committee, Section XXXII and LVI of Veracruz; Section XXXVI of the Valley of Mexico (Mexico)
Committee for Freedom of Miracle Sala de Lomas de Zamora (Argentina)
Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation (India)
Community Organized by Habitat Social Lomas de Zamora (Argentina)
National Confederation of Peasant, Indigenous and Black Organizations (FENOCIN) of (Ecuador)
Single Trade Union Confederation of Peasant Workers (Bolivia)
National Congress of Bases
Council of Indigenous Communities of the Southern Highlands (COCISS)
Council of Indigenous and Popular Organizations of Oaxaca (COIPO)
Council of Interdisciplinary Organizations Linked by Oaxaca (COIVO)
National Council of Systematization; Integral Basic Education Schools of Michoacán
National Urban and Peasant Council CNUC Tlaxcala (Mexico)
Contingents of the Democratic National Executive Committee of SNTE in Lucha (CEND SNTE in Lucha),
Popular Communicators Cooperative Dziga Vertov (Argentina)
Peronist Current Action La Dorrego Bonaerense ( Argentina)
Martin Fierro National Current (Argentina)
Bolivar and Zamora Revolutionary Current (Venezuela)
CSP-Conlutas (Brazil)
CTA-Autonomous CTA (Argentina)
Workers’ CTA (Argentina)
Daniel Pacin – General Secretary- Progressive and Popular Front (Argentina)
Daniel Siciliano- FORJA (Argentina)
Daniela González López International Coordinator of the Human Rights Observatory of the Peoples (Mexico)
Dr. Claudio Yacoy Secretary of Human Rights of the Municipality of Avellaneda (Argentina)
Dr. Dario Lagos, Argentine Work Team and Psychosocial Research (Argentina)
Dr. Felix Hoyo Arana Professor at the Autonomous University of Chapingo; Dr. John MillAckerman Rose (Mexico)
Dr. José Enrique González Ruiz Professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico – UNAM (Mexico)
Dr. José Rafael Grijalva Eternod Doctor in Human Rights (Mexico)
Dr. Mario Hernández Álvarez Coordinator Doctorate Interfaculty in Public Health National University of Colombia (Colombia)
Dra. Piedad Esneda Córdoba Ruiz Senator and Human Rights Defender and International Coordinator of the Human Rights Observatory of the Peoples (Colombia)
Dra.DianaKordon, Argentine Team Of Work And Psychosocial Investigation (Argentina)
Eduardo Correa Senior Professor of the Autonomous University of Mexico City – UACM (Mexico)
Eduardo Sigal- Vice President-Frente Grande (Argentina)
Space Arturo Jauretche Lomas de Zamora (Argentina)
Anarchist Federation – Rosario (Argentina)
Federation of Galician Associations (Argentina)
Federation of Argentine-Palestinian Entities (Argentina) Argentine
Judicial Federation (Argentina)
Communist Youth Federation (Argentina)
Palestine Federation of Peru (Peru)
Food Sovereignty Alliance
Youth Forum RJ (Brazil) )
Forum Grita Baixada (Brazil)
Front of Peoples in Defense of the Earth in San Salvador Atenco (FPDT-Atenco); Council for the Defense of the Rights of the People (CODEP-MNPP)
Frente em Solidariedade ao Povo Palestino (Brazil)
Frente Sur Front of Cooperatives for Urban Recycling (Argentina)
Gautam Navlakha, Human Rights Activist, (India)
Gioconda Mota Gutiérrez Collective Network La Araña Feminista (Venezuela)
Gladys Quiroga (Latin American Summary) (Argentina)
Grupo Tucumán por Palestina (Argentina)
Guillermo Varela and RubenFanesi from the program “For the People what is the People” by Radiorebelde (Argentina)
Gustavo López – FORJA (Argentina)
Hebe P. de Bonafini – President of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo Association
Héctor Bernardo – Journalist (Argentina)
Héctor Orlando Zambrano Deputy of the National Assembly of the Popular Power of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Member of the Coordination Nacional de la Current Revolucionaria Bolivar y Zamora (Venezuela)
Herzahin Michel Lopez – COIVO, Artemio Ortiz Hurtado CEND – SNTE (Mexico)
Indian Writers Forum (India)
Inés Iglesias – ANCLA Moreno – (Argentina)
Mexican Institute of Community Development (IMDEC) (Mexico)
Socialist Left (Argentina)
Jaime Petruzzi – Committee for life and freedom of Ramiro (Chile)
Jammu Kashmir Coalition of the Civil Society
Jana Natya Manch (India)
Jorge Kreyness – Secretary of International Relations – Communist Party (Argentina)
Jorge Veliz- ANCLA Moreno – (Argentina)
José Miguel Gómez García International Movement of the Workers’ Economy (Venezuela)
Juan Carlos Giordano, elected national deputy, FIT-Socialist Left. (Argentina)
Jews Antisionistas- IJAN-Argentina (Argentina)
Juliana Marino – Commission of Regional Integration and International Affairs of the PATRIA Institute (Argentina)
Youth of the Armenian Cultural Union (Argentina)
Laura Marrone, elected deputy for FIY-Izquierda Socialista (Argentina)
LeftWord Books (India)
Lic. Hugo Aguilar Promoter and Defender of Indigenous Rights (Mexico)
Lido Iacomoni – Open Letter (Argentina)
Liga Argentina for the Rights of Man (Argentina)
Liga Argentina for the Rights of Man – (Argentina)
Liga Mexicana por the Defense of. Human Rights Branch Oaxaca (Mexico)
Ligia Arreaga Member of the Alliance for a better Darién – AMEDAR (Panama)
Lindolfo Leonidas Berttinat – Movement of Solidarity with Cuba – Rosario (Argentina)
The Other Jews – Latin America.
Marcelo Charleo – Executive Council of the American Association of Jurists (Brazil)
MARÉ 0800 (Brazil)
María Alarcón – PATRIA Institute (Argentina)
María Torrellas (Documentalist and Latin American Summary) (Argentina)
University Movement of UNLZ (Argentina)
Social Unity Movement by a Government of the People (MUSOC-GP) Michoacán);
Movement of the National Democratic Magisterium, Democratic National Executive Committee of the National Union of Workers in Education in Struggle (CEND of SNTE in Struggle)
Movement of the National Democratic Magisterium: Section III of Baja California Sur; Section V of Campeche; Section X of Mexico City; Section XIII and XLV of Guanajuato; Section XIV of Guerrero; Section XV of Hidalgo; Jalisciense Magisterial Movement, Sections XVI and XLVII of Jalisco; Section XVIII of Michoacán; Magisterial Movement of Bases, Section XIX of Morelos; Poblano Magisterial Democratic Council, Sections XXIII and LI de Puebla; Magisterial Movement of Bases of Querétaro, Section XXIV of Querétaro; Democratic Magisterial Bases of Quintana Roo, Section XXV of Q. Roo; Magisterial Bases of Tabasco, Section XXIX of Tabasco, Workers of the Colegio de Bachilleres de Tabasco
Ecumenical Movement for Human Rights (MEDH) (Argentina)
International Movement of the Workers’ Economy (Venezuela)
Kultural Movement (Argentina)
National Movement of Popular Power – (Mexico)
National Movement of the Popular Power Zacatecas (MNPP – Zacatecas)
Patria Grande Movement (Argentina)
Multisectorial of Solidarity with Cuba and the Homeland Grande – Rosario (Argentina)
N. Jayaram, Freelance Journalist
National Dalit Christian Watch (India)
New Trade Union Initiative (India)
Nieves Hugo Alberto Member of the Political Committee of the Revolutionary Current Bolivar y Zamora – CRBZ (Venezuela)
NORA CORTIÑAS (Mothers) From the Plaza de Mayo to the Founding Line) (Argentina)
New Majority (National Platform) in the Patria Grande Front (Argentina)
New Majority (National Platform) in the Patria Grande Front (Argentina)
National Organization of People’s Power (ONPP)
National Organization of the People’s Power of Morelos (ONPP-MORELOS)
National Organization of the Popular Power of Mexico City (Mexico)
Communist Party (Argentina)
Communist Party of Argentina (Argentina)
Liberation Party (Argentina)
Patricio Brodsky- Professor Genocide and Memory – Law School University of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Pedro Wasiejko – PPT (Argentina)
Pervez Hoodbhoy, Academic and Activist, Lahore, (Pakistan)
Portal Desacato (Brazil)
Prof. Alejandro Trujillo González, General Secretary of CEND – SNTE (Mexico)
Prof. Antonio Castro López General Secretary of CEND – SNTE (Mexico)
Prof. Elsa Bruzzone -CEMIDA (Military Center for Argentine Democracy) (Argentina)
Prof. Eugenio Rodríguez Cornejo CEND – SNTE (Mexico)
Prof. Jerónimo Sánchez Sáenz CEND – SNTE (Mexico)
Prof. Miguel Guerra Castillo General Secretary of CEND – SNTE (Mexico)
Promotora del Poder Popular de Michoacán; Caja Popular de Ahorro “Emiliano Zapata”
PSTU (Brazil)
Quebracho (Argentina)
Argentina Network of Solidarity with Palestine (Argentina)
Collective Network La Araña Feminista (Venezuela)
Organic Integration Network – Rio – For the Defense of Mother Earth and Human Rights (Guatemala)
Rede de Mães e Familiares Vitimas da Violencia do Estado na Baixada Fluminense (Brazil)
Resisting with Aguante Lomas de Zamora (Argentina)
Resisting With Resistance Province of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Ricardo Gómez – ANCLA Moreno – (Argentina)
Roberto Palma Juárez ONPP – Morelos (Mexico)
Rodolfo Casals – Popular Space – Arraigo (Argentina)
Rubèn Ciurò, National Human Rights Secretary of FeTIA-CTA (Argentina)
Samuel Hernández Morales CODEP – MNPP, Juan Torres Pereda CODECI (Mexico)
Sergio Espinal CEND – SNTE (Mexico)
Peace and Justice Service (SERPAJ) (Argentina)
Socialism Sanmartiniano of the National Left (Argentina)
Stella Calloni Correspondent of the Day in Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Strio. General of the Single Trade Union Confederation of Peasant Workers of Bolivia (CSUTCB) (Bolivia)
Susana Novick-Doctor in Social Sciences (UBA). National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) (Argentina)
SUTEBA (Unified Union of Educational Workers of Buenos Aires) (Argentina)
Community Workshops of the Municipality of Nezahualcóyotl, State of Mexico (Mexico)
Armenian Cultural Union (Argentina)
International Union of Workers, Fourth International (Argentina)
Víctor Kot – General Secretary Communist Party (Argentina)
Spokesperson for Colombians and Colombians for Peace (Colombia)
Walter Rogulich – ANCLA Moreno – (Argentina)

The signatures continue …



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